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Looking for an original, interesting and exciting activity in Amsterdam for your team? Mystery City Games are the perfect solution. Small groups will collaborate while competing against their colleagues. Collaboration and competition in the same place? You bet! Solving our puzzles takes creativity and focus. People enter the game as shapeless lumps of clay - by the end they are molded into sharp, sexy geniuses.

Some the companies that have built better teams with us include:


We had a really cool team outing with the Mystery City tour. We were 4 teams competing against each other making the tour extra fun. The tour has elements that everybody will like: history, walking through beautiful Amsterdam and gaming. What more is there to like?

- via Tripadvisor

Wat een leuke ochtend hebben mijn collega's en ik gehad. Ondanks het feit dat we zelf Amsterdammers zijn hebben we nieuwe dingen gezien en plekken bezocht waar we op een andere manier naar keken door de raadsels.

- via Tripadvisor


The Mystery of A Secret Sender combines exploration, teamwork, communication, creativity, puzzle solving and historical true stories to transform the way you explore the city as you grow as a team.

Your team will divide into multiple groups of 3-6 people and compete against their colleagues to win! 

During the game you will:

  • Explore the beautiful streets, squares and canals of Amsterdam

  • Learn about some of the city's more mysterious inhabitants

  • Solve puzzles and mysteries all while laughing with your colleagues!

  • Find out the identity of A Secret Sender!

  • Win prizes!

  • Special rates for large groups!

  • Regroup at a local brewery or cafe for a post-game drink or meal! (optional)

  • The length can be adjusted to meet your needs (optional)

  • Contact us now!

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