Marie Curie's Secret Weapon X

Paris Team Building Activity


Come discover the best team outing in Paris! Collaborate with colleagues, enjoy a day out, and compete to solve a mystery.

In this event, your group will be broken into teams that:

  • Race through the city following a treasure map past must-see attractions and secret corners
  • Collaborate to solve escape room puzzles 
  • Unlock locks on a treasure box in order to solve the mystery
  • Compete with your colleagues to win

This activity is designed for teambuilding events: if you want to play with friends/family, click here.

Some teams that have solved mysteries with us include:

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In this outdoor escape game, groups are divided into teams of 5-6 players. Each team follows a treasure map to visit five different locations, complete a series of puzzles, and unlock locks on a treasure box. The team that solves the mystery first will win a special prize in the best team building event in Paris.

What will we do?

  • Follow an ancient treasure map as you walk through Paris city center with your team discovering iconic city sites and monuments such as: Hotel de Ville, Châtelet, Tour de l’Horloge, Church St Merry, and St Jacques Tower.
  • Solve puzzles while exploring and having fun with your colleagues on a company day out
  • Compete to win the team building event – winners get a special prize
  • Learn true stories from the city’s history 

The Story:

WWI has just broken out. As soldiers are leaving Paris in taxis headed to the battlefield, you have a special mission: find the secret weapon left behind by France’s most famous scientist, Marie Curie. Do you have what it takes? Explore the city and solve puzzles in this outdoor escape game to find out!

Is it suitable for groups?

Suitable for groups of all sizes. We can also accommodate large groups of 100+ players!   Contact us for more information. 

What language can we play in?

Available in English and Français.

Where is it?

The game starts and ends in the Marais neighborhood. The route covers 3 km and passes by five key sites in the city: Hotel de Ville, Châtelet, Tour de l’Horloge, Church St Merry, and St Jacques Tower.

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