Holiday Online Team Building Event


The Best Virtual Holiday Party
  • Duration 60 – 90 min
  • Facilitated games with real Game Master
  • No downloads necessary
  • Complete and collaborate to collect clues, chase down suspects, and solve a case
  • Special festive version of the online escape game for your online holiday party

A holiday themed true-crime murder mystery for your team building made by game-makers with years of experience designing awesome virtual team building events for remote teams.

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About This Game

Barcelona 1920s: The city is a hotbed of political activism, artistic revolution, and the smog of modernization. Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Antoni Guadi, Ernest Hemmingway, and many more poets, artists, and musicians fill the smokey, crowded bars. In this virtual team building event, competing teams take on the role of a detective, tasked with cleaning up the streets for the upcoming World Expo. You and your co-workers have been called out to investigate a strange crime… but there’s something different about this case. Who will figure it out first?

On the day of the event, you will be split into teams of 1-6 players. By sharing screens and discussing over video chat, each team will work together to explore the city, solve puzzles, and crack the case. With over 30 locations to explore, the whole city is at their fingertips. There are multiple ways to solve each puzzle and many pathways through the story. Each group will have a unique experience and there will be plenty to discuss after this online team game!

Teams will learn the real history of Barcelona in the 1920s as they chase down excentric aristics, investigate crimes, and question suspects. A jazz soundtrack adds a chilling mood to this energetic world. The competitive tension and demanding puzzles make this the perfect after-work activity, remote team event, or company conference entertainment.

At the beginning of the event, the Game Master will set the scene, tell the story and guide the teams through the game. Teams can ask the Game Master for hints, but too many hints will count against their final time. The game usually takes around 90 minutes to play, however it can be shortened as needed.

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Can we adjust the number of players later on?

Yes, you can change the number of players up until 48 hours before the game. So feel free to make an estimate when booking; we can adjust it later on.

What forms of payment do you accept?

After the booking is made, we will issue you an invoice. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card. If you would prefer a different method, please let us know.

How long does a game take?

The full game takes about two hours to play. We have also designed a version that plays in one hour. Please let us know when you are booking how long you would like to play.

How does it work?

After you complete booking, you will get a confirmation email with a link to the game. All the players need to click on that link at the scheduled time. They will be met by the Game Master, who will introduce the game, tell the story, help players as needed and keep track of the winners.

Teams will be split up into different breakout rooms. They will compete to solve the mystery first.

Teams can be randomly assigned or, if you prefer, can be chosen in advance.

Learn more by watching a short instructional video:

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Game designed by
Geert Benjamin Sillevis, Emilie Mendes de Leon
 and Veronika Malacic


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