Giochi personalizzati


Siete un museo, uno spazio storico o un’azienda alla ricerca di un modo creativo per coinvolgere i vostri clienti e raccontare la vostra storia? Mystery City Games crea cacce al tesoro basate su storie reali della storia, utilizzando bellissimi oggetti di scena e rompicapo che cambiano il modo in cui le persone esplorano.

Abbiamo anni di esperienza nella creazione di giochi di città all’aperto e sfide di fuga online adatte a singoli e gruppi di ogni dimensione. Abbiamo collaborato con istituzioni educative, fondazioni culturali e aziende.

Se avete una grande storia da far scoprire o volete coinvolgere il vostro pubblico in modo emozionante e giocoso, contattateci: siamo maestri del divertimento!

Esempi di giochi personalizzati:

A Fund-Raising Game for a Foundation

The Monuments Mission is an online game that teaches players about the amazing story of the Monuments Men. These brave men and women recovered thousands of Europe’s masterpieces that were stolen by the Nazis during World War II. The Monuments Men Foundation For the Preservation of Art continues this mission through restitution, education and preservation. We worked with them to create this online experience, and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Foundation.

Escape Tour Het Hof van Nederland

In order to attract a younger audience to Het Hof, we made a treasure hunt through the museum. Players buy the bag as a ticket supplement and then use clues hidden in the exhibits to solve a series of challenges and find the keys that will open a famous Iron Chest in the basement of the museum!

The End of Amsterdam

For large team events and conferences in the south of Amsterdam, we made a game to introduce participants to the city without transport to the city center. Players went around to solve puzzles at 5 different locations and stop prevent The End of Amsterdam.

Murder Mystery Game

We were commissioned by an Amsterdam-based Influencer to make a murder mystery game for a party that she held with her husband. We created the story from scratch, developed puzzles together and ultimately created a fun experience that all the guests got to enjoy!

We used elements of her work, background and life in creating the storyline, which had party guests investigating her shocking murder which took place just after dinner. Spoiler: the dog did the murder.