Amsterdam City Game for Teams:

The Mystery of A Secret Sender


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Explore Amsterdam. Collaborate with Colleagues. Compete to Win.

In this outdoor escape game, groups are divided into teams of 4-6 players that compete to solve a mystery as they pass by must-see attractions and less-known corners in Amsterdam’s historic city center.

Follow the treasure map to visit five different locations, solve puzzles, and unlock a series of locks to solve The Mystery of A Secret Sender and prove your worth. The team that solves the mystery first will win a special prize.

Suitable for groups of up to 120 players. If you are organizing an event for more than that, check out our custom games.

Available in English, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Español, and Italiano.


The Story:

The secretive Order of the Rosy Cross is looking for new members. In order to prove your worth, you must solve their ancient mystery and uncover the identity of one of their historic members, known to you only as A Secret Sender. In this outdoor escape game, explore Golden Age Amsterdam and search the history and architecture for clues to the cryptic puzzles. Only the best can solve the mystery in time. Do you have what it takes?

In this Mystery City Game you will:

  • Follow an ancient treasure map as you walk through Amsterdam city center discovering historic city sites and monuments such as: Nieuwmarkt, Old Church, Canal Belt, and Westermarkt
  • Solve puzzles while exploring and having fun with your friends or family on a holiday or weekend outing!
  • Learn true stories from the city’s history and Golden Age

Where is it?
The game starts and ends at Mystery City HQ, Zwanenburgwal 178, just next to the Waterlooplein. The route covers approximately 3km and passes by five key sites in the city.

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