The Mystery Of

A Secret Sender

2 HOURS I €25 P.P. | 2-50 Players

A cross between a treasure hunt and an escape room, The Mystery of A Secret Sender combines exploration, puzzle solving and little-known stories from history to transform the way you explore the city.

Groups have a fixed amount of time and a set of tactile props to solve a real historical mystery. Race against the clock or just enjoy the adventure - either way, we are sure that you will learn and discover things that can't be found in a normal guide book!

During the game you will:

  • Walk around discovering interesting buildings, monuments and historical details

  • Solve puzzles while exploring with your friends

  • Learn true stories from the city's history

  • Disponible en français y en español

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Brand New Game

Operation '45

An Adventure in Diamonds

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

In 1940, the Nazis invaded Amsterdam, and the large cache of diamonds in the city disappeared.

It is May 1945. You are part of the liberating army, freeing Amsterdam after 5 years of Nazi occupation. You have been tasked with an important mission - to discover what happened to the diamonds and - if possible - return them to the newly free nation!

Coming soon!

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