The Case of the Missing Crown Jewels

Treasure Hunt in Dublin
for School Groups


Come discover the best game in Dublin that is both educational and fun! Collaborate with classmates and compete to solve a mystery.

In this event, your group will be broken into teams that:

  • Race through the city following a treasure map past must-see attractions and secret corners
  • Collaborate to solve escape room puzzles 
  • Compete with your classmates to win


This activity is designed for school groups: if you want to play with friends/family, click here.

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In this outdoor escape game, groups are divided into teams of 5-6 players. Each team follows a treasure map to visit five different locations, complete a series of puzzles, and solve the crime. The team that solves the mystery first will win a special prize.

How It Works:

  • Gather your group at the start point next to Ha’Penny Bridge
  • You will play in teams of maximum 6 players each. 
  • Each team follows a treasure map as they walk through Dublin city center discovering must-see city sites and hidden monuments
  • Teams race to solve puzzles while exploring and collaborating with their classmates as a part of a school event
  • Learn true stories from the city’s history

The Story:

The Irish Crown Jewels have gone missing. Inspector John Kane claims that he knows what happened to them, but his report was suppressed. He has sent you his notes to try to figure it out! Do you have what it takes to find the culprit and the location of the gems? 

What language can we play in?

The game is only available in English.

Can we adjust the number of players ?

Yes, if you are unsure the final number of players you can book an estimate on the website for now and select the « Pay Later » option at check out. You will receive an invoice for the booking. For groups of up to 20 players, you can adjust the number of players up to 48 hours before the event. For groups of more than 20 players, you can adjust the number of players up to 7 days before the event. 

Is it suitable for groups?

Suitable for groups of all sizes. We can also accommodate large groups of 100+ players!   Contact us for more information. 

Where is it?
The game starts and ends at The Clockwork Door, 1 Wellington Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin, D02 NH04, Ireland. The route covers approximately 3km and passes by five key sites in the city. 

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