The Netherlands is not particularly famous for it's food. There are, however, a few little treats that really stand out and are worth trying. Here are a few of our favorite snacks and the best places to get them.


Vleminks fries

Voetboogstraat 33

Dutch French Fries come from Belgium (what?) and should always be served in a paper cone with a generous helping of sauce on top. We eat it with mayonnaise. Feeling adventurous? Order an ‘Oorlog’ (‘War’) - Mayo and Peanut sauce with diced onions on top.



Spui 7a

The humble herring is the original reason the Dutch took to the sea. In fact, they loved this fish so much that they built bigger and better boats to go out farther and farther to catch it. Unlike crazy people who pickle their herring, we eat it raw, with a couple gherkins and a bit of diced onion. Bread optional.



Gasthuismolensteeg 2

What do you get if you take two thin layers of delicious cookie dough and smash them together with some sweet syrup in between? The stroopwafel is perhaps the greatest achievement of a people who decided to set up their country in a swamp.


Bitterballen at Prael

Oudezijds Armsteeg 26

This beer-side snack is mouth-melting and mouth-watering. A ball of beef ragout is breaded, deepfried and served with mustard. Careful, the inside is very hot! You can try these fried meaty balls in any Amsterdam café, but the Prael brewery makes the best ones.


Stampot at Cafe Sonnevel

Egelantiersgracht 72

Stampot is the quintessential Dutch plate, the dish Dutch grandmas make for their grandkids, the epitome of Dutch cuisine. You won’t find modern versions in fancy fusion restaurants around the world, but you have to admire the humility of mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables and topped with smoked sausage and gravy. Dank je wel Oma! (Thanks Grandma!)


Upstairs pancake house

Grimburgwal 2

The smallest restaurant in Europe, this pancake house has only 4 tables. You might need to make a reservation. But if there’s two things the Dutch are good at, it’s making pancakes and being gezellig!