Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a treasure hunt? A scavenger hunt? An escape room?

To be honest, it’s a mix of all three. It’s a bit like the Da Vinci Code or National Treasure or (a personal favorite) Raiders of the Lost Ark – it’s about using the clues of the city to solve a mystery.

Is it an app? A guided tour? What?

No app, no phone, no guide. It’s a purely analog experience. It’s just you, a bag of beautiful materials, and the city. You will have a backpack with a treasure map, locked treasure box, and book of puzzles and special tools to help you solve the mystery. For our online games, a unique experience awaits in just a few clicks.

How do the outdoor games work?

At the start point, you will meet the Game Master, who will give you the game, which consists of a bag containing all the things you need – old books, locked boxes, and other mysterious goodies. The game is laid out in an ancient book. Follow the instructions and use the props to solve puzzles. Each stop on the adventure will unlock one of five locks needed to solve the mystery. Then it’s time for congratulations and prizes!

How do the online games work?

For online games, the day of the event, you will meet a Game Master who will provide an introduction, make break out rooms for competing teams, and give hints or extra bits of story along the way for an unforgettable experience. Compete and collaborate with your colleagues in small breakout rooms to win. 

How historical is it?

Very – but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s boring. History is stories, and we’ve found the best stories in the cities where we operate. Through play and puzzles and fun, you will learn about some of the city’s most interesting and shadowy figures. It’s all been painstakingly researched. Honestly, we wish we weren’t so picky about historical accuracy. It would’ve made our jobs much easier!

Will we be playing with people we don’t know?

No, you only play with who you bring! You will never be mixed with strangers. We find it’s only fun when you play with people that you can yell at when they’re doing something wrong!

What if we need help? Do you provide hints?

Yes, every game has a hints system built in and you will always be able to reach a real person to assist with whatever you need.  For online games, the Game Master is always on hand as a moderator.

How long does it take?

All of our games take about 2 hours from start to finish. The more talented teams (that means you!) will probably be done in approximately 90 minutes.

How much walking do the outdoor games entail?

All of our games are about 3 km or 1.8 miles at a leisurely pace.

How many can play at once?

In theory there is no limit! The game is played in teams of 2-6 players. We split larger groups into competing teams to add an extra layer of fun and challenge. We can host up to 120 players at once. It’s great for team building!

I’m with seven friends, and we’d prefer to play as one big group. Is that possible?

Sure! Just let us know in the comment section when you book that you’d rather play in a big group.

What is your cancellation policy?

For groups of up to 10 players, we will refund any booking 100% if you decide to cancel up to 48 hours before the start time. For larger groups, you will receive a full refund up to 7 days before the event.

What if the weather is really, really terrible?

It’s an adventure! We have ponchos and umbrellas as needed, and the game itself is relatively waterproof. Of course, if the weather is particularly horrible we won’t force you to play in the rain and we’ll happily issue a refund for groups up to 10 people or allow you to reschedule for another day/time.

Can my child play?

We’ve had loads of kids play and love it! It’s a bit challenging, but with the help of a parent it can be a good time. It will help you show your little angels how exciting history can be! Plus they’ll be tired at the end from walking around and hopefully drift off to sleep. Just note that part of the Amsterdam game goes through the Red Light District. During the day, it’s just another lovely part of town. At night it’s still perfectly safe, but there will be red-lit scantily-clad women standing behind windows.

Where do we meet?

You will receive an email letting you know where to meet to start the game. 

How hard is it?

We’ve managed to find the perfect balance between challenge and fun (and it was no mean feat!). The game is always winnable – it doesn’t require advance knowledge or an aptitude for riddles or any special skills. If you can read and you can explore, you’ll do fine!

Is it fun?

Oh, yes. Very. Don’t believe us? Check out some rave reviews!