Gather the group, divide into teams, and read the instructions below

Each team of max 6 players has a backpack with a book, a map and tools

Teams follow the route through Paris, solving puzzles at 5 locations

The first team to solve the mystery wins a special prize



Please gather at the corner of Rue des Halles and Rue des Lavandières Saint-Opportune.  Click here for Google maps. 

When your team is all there, one of you should read these instructions aloud:

  1. Divide into teams of maximum 6 players each.
  2. ONE PERSON from each team should open the following page in their phone:  
  3. Follow the instructions there to start the chat.
  4. Private Hugo will tell you where to pick up the materials you need to play the game. Only one member per team should enter the shop.
  5. At the end, you need to bring the materials back to the shop to collect your prize. The first team does get a special prize.