Barcelona City Game for Teams

The Secret of Cerdà


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Explore Barcelona. Collaborate with Colleagues. Compete to Win.

In this outdoor escape game, groups are divided into teams of 4-6 players that compete to solve a mystery as they pass by must-see attractions and less-known corners in Barcelona’s city center.

Follow the treasure map to visit five different locations, solve puzzles, and unlock a series of locks to solve The Secret of Cerdà. The team that solves the mystery first will win a special prize.

Suitable for groups of up to 100 players. If you are organizing an event for more than that, check out our custom games.

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The Story:

In 1856, Barcelona was suffocating inside its medevial walls. An eccentric urbanist Ildefons Cerdà’s design was chosen for the expansion of the city. What secrets has the eccentric architect hidden in his plans? Explore the city and solve puzzles in this outdoor escape game to find out!

What to expect:

  • We will divide your group into teams of 4-6 players each that will compete to solve the mystery first
  • Each team will have a bag with all of the materials need that they need
  • Teams walk around discovering must-see sites and little-known corners of Barcelona city center using the city’s architecture to complete a series of puzzles as they race to solve the mystery
  • Follow a true story from the city’s history as you compete against your friends, family, or colleagues. The winner gets a special prize!

Where is it?
The game starts and ends at Maximum Escape 2 on the Carrer del Bruc 9 just next to the Plaza Urquinaona. The route covers 2,7km and passes by five key sites in the city: the Gothic Quarter, the Block of Discord, Eixample, Plaza Catalunya, and Palau de la Musica.

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