The Mystery of A Secret Sender

Amsterdam Treasure Hunt


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Come explore the hidden places and stories of Amsterdam with the most fun thing to do in the city! Our games offer a better way to wander – explore at your own pace, use beautiful props (not an app!) to discover hidden corners and decode secret messages, and enjoy a completely unforgettable adventure.

In this outdoor escape game, you will:
  • Follow a treasure map past must-see attractions and off-the-beaten track places in Amsterdam
  • Solve escape-room-like puzzles to unlock a series of locks on a treasure box 
  • Solve a real mystery from Amsterdam’s Golden Age  

Available in six languages. To play the competitive version with your team or party click here.

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What is it?

Mystery City Games are a mix between a scavenger hunt,  escape room, and a self-guided walking tour. It’s a bit like the Da Vinci Code or National Treasure – it’s about using clues hidden in the architecture of the city to solve a mystery. You can play competitively, but you can also relax and go your own pace, enjoying shops or cafés along the way. It’s an escape room in Amsterdam like no other and should definitely be included in your ‘top 10 things to do in Amsterdam’! No app or phone is needed – we think treasure hunts are more fun with real treasure maps, locks, and beautiful pieces. 

The Story:

The secretive Order of the Rosy Cross is looking for new members. In order to prove your worth, you must solve their ancient mystery and uncover the identity of one of their historic members, known to you only as A Secret Sender. In this outdoor escape game, explore Golden Age Amsterdam and search the history and architecture for clues to the cryptic puzzles. Only the best can solve the mystery in time. Do you have what it takes?

How It Works:

  • You will meet the Game Master at our Secret Headquarters next to the Waterlooplein to pick up a backpack containing all of the materials that you need to play: treasure maps, boxes, locks, and beautiful tools – this is not an app!
  • Follow an ancient treasure map as you walk through Amsterdam’s city center or old Jewish quarter discovering must-see city sites and monuments such as Nieuwmarkt, the Old Church,  Torensluis, Westermarkt, the Amsterdam Museum, and much more! You will also discover hidden monuments and less-visited places along the route.
  • Solve puzzles while exploring Amsterdam with your friends or family on a holiday, bachelorette party, or weekend out. If you only have 1 day in Amsterdam, this is the way to see it!
  • Learn true stories from the city’s history 

For whom?

Are you a curious and adventurous spirit? Are you looking for fun things to do in Amsterdam? Then Amsterdam’s best scavenger hunt is something for you!  They are a great idea for a family visit to Amsterdam, a date with someone special, a birthday party, or an event with your team.

Can my kids play?

The games were made for adults, but are a very fun thing to do with kids or teenagers too. Kids ages 6 and older can play when accompanied by an adult. 

Why should we play?
These self-guided city game tours are the top thing to do in Amsterdam! Explore the city at your own pace and learn something about must-see sights and top places all while racing to solve a real mystery. Discover real stories hidden in the city and find out why people call us “the best thing to do in Amsterdam!”

Where is it?
The game starts and ends at Mystery City HQ, Zwanenburgwal 178, just next to the Waterlooplein. The route covers approx 3km and passes by five key sites in the city. If you want to explore a less touristy area, check out our other game Operation 45: An Adventure in Diamonds.

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