The History Of Mystery City Games

Dear Visitor,

It was a rainy night, many years ago, when a night at a Pub Quiz planted the seed that would become our many year obsession. After a few drinks and a near-loss, we began to talk about a better way to explore the city. The original idea was to create a historical adventure. We quickly got to work, finding stories, creating puzzles and a few years later, we are a team of talented game designers and operators making amazing experiences across Europe.

Our mission is to show people another way to explore. To take them away from their phones and their guided tours and give them the tools they need to see the city in detail. Along the way, we’ll teach a little bit of what makes a city so fantastic!

Our puzzles are challenging, fun, and historical. They’re perfect for friends, families, or colleagues. You can learn more about how it works here.

Love and puzzles,

A Secret Sender

(jk. We’re Ben Sillevis and Emilie Mendes de Leon)


We make treasure hunts for grown-ups: well researched, historically accurate games that ask players to solve puzzles around a real event or phenomenon that happened in the city.

We love spy stuff, finding gable stones, and spending too much time in the city archive. These are games that we’d want to play if we were visitors or long-time residents – we hope that you feel the same!