How it works

Game diagram.jpeg

Get Ready

  • Choose a date and book online
  • Check your email for the confirmation
  • Check the FAQ
  • Go to Dam Square to meet your Game Master

The Game

  • The Game Master will give you a bag. This bag contains the following:
    • The Book - This book tells you the story, where to go and what puzzles to solve.
    • The Lock Box - This box is tightly secured by 5 padlocks. Unlock them to reveal the secrets inside!
    • Other props - the various pieces that you need to solve the puzzles. 
  • There are 5 locations you will visit. Each will unlock one of the five padlocks on the Lock Box.
  • Remember, the clock is ticking!

Solve Puzzles

  • You will have to use your brains to solve the puzzles.
  • All the answers are hidden in the details of the city you are exploring!
  • If you're stuck, you can always contact the Game Master for a clue.

Be the Best!

  • You are on a timer. The best players will find eternal glory in our Hall of Fame.
  • If you're more than 5 people, the groups will split and you will compete directly against your friends!

Discover History

  • All our games are based on fact.
  • As you go around, you will learn about the city and its inhabitants.
  • Everything you learn will be 100% true!*

*OK, maybe 95%

Who can play?

  • Fun-having Friends
  • Mystery-loving Families
  • Adventure-craving Couples
  • Exciting corporate/team-building events
  • Any and all friends of the cryptic and mysterious!