The Mystery of A Secret Sender

2 HOURS I €25 P.P.

A cross between a treasure hunt and an escape room, The Mystery of A Secret Sender combines exploration, puzzle solving and little-known stories from history to transform the way you explore the city.

Groups have a fixed amount of time and a set of tactile props to solve a real historical mystery. Race against the clock or just enjoy the adventure - either way, we are sure that you will learn and discover things that can't be found in a normal guide book!

During the game you will:

  • Walk around discovering interesting buildings, monuments and historical details

  • Meet some of the city's past and present inhabitants

  • Solve puzzles while laughing with your friends

  • Learn about true stories from the city's history

Are you ready?


5 stars is not enough!

Solving the mystery forces you to use your brain, figuring out puzzles and running around town to some amazing spots, all while learning about the history of Amsterdam.

- Alec


Best thing to do in Amsterdam

This was a fun, action packed, amazing two hours. For everyone who wants the inside experience on Amsterdam past and present and to do something a little quirky and off the beaten track this is the absolute must.

- Jack


The Best!

This is one of the BEST things I've done in Amsterdam!!!I can't recommend it enough. A fantastic way to explore and get to know hidden gems of this city. 

- Elena

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